Spotlight on…Stevica Ristic


Stevica Ristic; goal scorer, leader of the line, the Cascarino of the Sars. The Macedonian marksman with the turning circle of the Sokcho-Vladivostok ferry is the Dragons leading scorer this season, so far scoring as many goals as the whole of the Incheon team.

Stebo is a massive Kevin Costner fan and has all of his movies on DVD, even Waterworld which he describes as a ‘classic before its time.’ His bow and arrow goal celebration is inspired by Costner’s performance in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Stebo’s all-time favourite movie. He also owns a tabby cat called Kevin. However, a popular misconception is  that the cat’s name is a tribute to Costner! It’s actually named after Kevin Sheedy, Stebo’s favourite player in the 1990 World Cup.

The Sultan of Skopje started his K-League life at hated North Jeolla rivals, Jeonbuk, but quickly saw sense and fled to Pohang where he spent 5 months living in former president Lee Myung Bak’s house. Lee, a massive Pohang fan and third cousin twice removed of Yugoslav strongman Joseph Tito, said that having the Iwan Roberts of Eastern Europe staying with him was a bigger thrill than being mayor of Seoul. Ristic, for his part, claimed Lee ‘smelled a bit damp.’

Ristic’s favourite colour is sky blue although he is prone to change his mind, often for light green.



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